Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reminiscing... about Molly in Berkeley

Wrapping up... congrats all around

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The Molly Ivins Resolution

Robert Manning:
Over 900 proven lies to create a war of occupation i n Iraq.
The people in power learned their lessons well with Vietnam. No draft.
Only embedded journalists.

We're asked to go out and shop.
There's no forum in which we can say 'no' effectively.

The goal of this campaign
Tell 10 more people
The "heart" of Congress is LOCAL OFFICES of our Representatives and

3rd Friday of every month
A coordinated effort nationally


As molly says in her speeches
Its up to us
We can change these things.

In person, phone, fax... info is on the website.

Last video now showing

From a roast of Molly from Fall, 2006

Living our lives... to the fullest.

Molly's final book "Bill of Wrongs" with Lou duBose, a Texas Observer
editor. Published October, 2007 by Random House. Photo on the LiveBlog.
Tell your friends, buy it, read it.

We've plowed right through the break, another 20ish minutes left.

Last video by Paul Steckler, Emmy-winning filmmaker in Austin.

A lot of great quotes from her columns, read by Molly.

Bryan Webster, Raise Hell for Molly Ivins blogger

Off to take some pix herself

Betsy moon, Molly's assistant :

Molly said, while dictating her last two columns:
From now on I won't write anything
Except ending this obscene war

Audio Clips of Molly playing:
Garrison Keillor, Prairie Home Companion

"The proper condition of democracy is like a really noisy family

Then a serious excerpt from one of her speeches

Bill of Wrongs... Molly's last book

Published posthumously with Lou duBose
2007, Random House

Someone here was just asking me about this, and before I can even go
online, someone brings over a copy. I love this place!