Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rabbi hillel cooper

Rabbi hillel cooper. Tehila synagogue, east bay.
Member of Rabbis for human rights. Part of jewish alliance for justice
and peace.

Molly ivins was a prophetic voice speaking truth to power


This administration stands out
For capacity to lie and lie again

Bush lied the american ppl into this war
His cohorts are lying again.. Iran
Perhaps they are lying to themselves

Points to their worldview
See imperialism as a blessing upon the imperialized

Chaos.. Used as a reason to stay further.

How get out w/o cause further damage
Your failure of.. Vision,values.compassuion, understanding are what got
us into this
No way without further damage
The US invasion started this ball rolling

Addictive tendencies
Cold turkey is painful, necessary

I pray american,Iraqi people have the strength necessary

May that which brings peace to the cosmos
Bring peace to all of us on the planet.

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