Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sister Pamela Claire

Sister pamela claire. Episcopal. Community of st. Francis. Convener of
SF chapter of episcopal peace fellowship.

Her neighborhood: the Tenderloin, where Iraq war vets are already on the

Molly ivins is a prophet... wrote about 'Shrub'
Jesus too was a prophet.. Taught live by sword, die by sword

Love your neighbors, your enemies

Bush has used religious language to justify the war in iraq.
Righteousness. Vengance.

This is not the god that I know.

Every person is a child if god of infinite worth
We are all 'related I our common creaturliness' - st.. Francis

Griswold: 9/11 'a chance for this nation to come to a new
consciousness... but this good will was squandered.'

Iraq war... acts that shame us around the world.
We have lost the respect

Christian view
Baptismal rite: respect the dignity of every guman being

This is the foundation of our relationships... justice and respect

Desmond tutu 'anything war could do peace could do better'

God is weeping.

We are a people of hope

Holy and merciful god
Hear our prayer for our enemies
Keep our hearts from hatred... despair

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