Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some examples: remembering, Raising Hell for Molly

Books In Heat had a nice little year-in-review post remembering Molly:
Molly Ivins was a fountain of wit and sense. She was big-hearted, clear-eyed and courageous. She told the truth when it was popular and when it wasn't. And she was fun. If we have to have Texas, then we damn well needed to have Molly Ivins. In this already lunatic election year, we're going to miss her.

Visit the blog to read more, and see some great photos.

And there's a Daily Kos thread up and running: One Year Since Molly Ivins Died, attracting some helpful links in the comments. We're hoping that Bill in Portland Maine, dKos' staff Cheers & Jeers columnist, who has included Molly quotes in his posts, will help raise the energy level over there and invite more action as we count down to the event.

Feel free to comment here, or comment there... but do join in the conversation. Today, tomorrow, Thursday... take just a moment to share: a feeling, a link, a memory, an inspiration. Build the community. It's up to all of us.

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