Thursday, January 31, 2008

Muslim perspective on Molly

Iftahar kai (see proper spelling in earlier entry with his photo). Came
to US in 1969. 1982 helped start american muslim group. Interfaith.

Working for peace for last 25 yrs

USA Muslim interfaith alliance.

Speaking of peace today reminds me of molly ivins
A prophetess
War to her was as atrocious as anything
Especially iraq... fought not for a just cause as you say
We have a philosophy in my education 'just war'
Has to come to an end
Negotiation across the table
Without loss of life.

I look deeper in my own conscious
And see we all have made mistakes
We all have erred
Today I ask every one of you for forgiveness.

Act strongly in a very forgiving spirit.
Not in a spirit of revengefulness..


In workld today we are all connected
'It is one world'
It is the duty of people to look to each other
One piece of real estate

May god grant us compassion
To bring prace to people of israel
And its neighbors


(Prayer in arabic)
Oh god of Abraham
You are peace
And through you flows peace
Give us peace
In this life
And in the hereafter


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